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About Gussie and Needlepoint etc...

Some Background on me and my stitching -- I was born and raised in the islands. Mom's side of the family takes our line back to before the days of Captain Cook -- so we have been here awhile. I am lucky enough to have family as a definite part of the history of the islands.

Stitching was introduced to me when I was about 8 or so. I learned in school, from sisters, from neighbors -- just about everything -- embroidery, needlepoint, huckweaving, crochet, knitting, quilting; if it has a needle attached I have tried it. I had dreamed of having my own store someday and finally after retiring from one career, had a chance to get a shop (with a lot of help from my husband). I took over Needlepoint, Etc. and have had it for 6 years -- that makes the shop 25 years old.

I just love to stitch and I don't want the art to die! So although the store is needlepoint -- I will help those who want to pursue other stitching efforts. And actually my work is needlepoint and my hobby is quilting - both patchwork and Hawaiian Quilting.

The store is full of threads and canvases, and as you can see by the pictures, we have a pretty well organized store. After all if we can't find it, how can our customers?! Threads and stitches and textures add up to wonderful canvases but then I also love the basic needlepoint stitch -- that is so beautiful too! Choosing threads for a customer is one of our many ways of working with a customer.

We've been at our location for 2 years now and having a wonderful time with it. A separate classroom that now has bulletin boards for canvases with thread suggestions for display. There are great beautiful windows that let in lots of light. Of course, we have a workroom (known as the "black hole" for the women who work with me), something that I never had before. The workroom has now become my wholesale business and it is FULL!


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